Flood management

The number of flood disasters world-wide has increased significantly in recent years. While this may partly be due to a changing climate, the increasing utilisation of flood plains and a reduction in the natural retention capacity of catchments play a significant role.

Losses cannot be avoided when major floods occur but flood preparedness can help reduce flood damage and the number of lives lost considerably.
Flood forecasting, in particular, provides an opportunity to reduce the impacts of flood events at a relatively low economic and environmental cost. DHI's flood forecasting technologies have been developed to enable timely and accurate flood warnings and inflow forecasts and to ensure efficient operation of reservoirs and polders to protect vulnerable areas.

The impact - beneficial and adverse - of potential flood mitigation measures can be analysed through the application of advanced computer software packages developed by DHI. Tools include flood risk analysis and flood damage assessment used for cost-benefit analyses of flood mitigation options.

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Hans Chr. Ammentorp