Flood forecasting and warning systems

Early warning and forecasting is crucial for efficient emergency response and contingency action planning. This is what makes the difference between life and death.

Early warning is important in relation to water quality in general and the supply of safe drinking water in particular. By providing sufficient advance notice in a clear and informative manner a potential disaster can be mitigated considerably.

DHI provides consulting services and software tools for the smooth integration of real-time data and forecast modelling tools in a resilient and robust GIS environment. The systems are tailored for use during emergency situations, when decision-makers need to establish an effective overview of the situation and obtain answers to their questions within a short time span. DHI real-time flood forecasting technology is integrated into local and national emergency planning systems in more than 20 countries throughout the world.

Other benefits provided by these technologies include the capability to track pollutant sources and plan and optimize industrial water intake based on forecasted water demands. The former is highly relevant in relation to the "polluter pays" principle adopted worldwide.

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Claus Skotner