Dams and Reservoirs

Surface water reservoirs adjust seasonal and climatic variations of the natural runoff to meet the water demands from irrigated agriculture, power generation, domestic and industrial supply and the requirements for flood protection and navigation. Dams and reservoirs contribute greatly to the welfare of mankind, although at the same time they often have significant adverse implications on the environment and social conditions.

In numerous cases around the world DHI’s extensive experience of hydrology, water resources management, hydraulics, river morphology and environmental expertise has assisted in maximizing the positive effects of reservoirs by offering: optimal and safe designs, sustainable sedimentation and water quality management, reliable inflow forecasting, optimised and balanced reservoir operation and flood protection strategies as well as water quality and sedimentation surveys. The institute's technology and know-how are widely applied for environmental impact assessments, outlining strategies for the alleviation of possible adverse impacts such as fish migration and morphological problems, eutrophication, dam break analyses, etc.

DHI’s integrated software technology, covering all aspects of the terrestrial water cycle from hill top to ocean, has proven ideal for investigating the effects of reservoir construction and changes in reservoir management.

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