The European chemicals regulation, REACH, will change our handling of chemicals and goods during the implementation period. A lot of manufacturers and European importers are in the process of registering their substances in order to sustain or improve their market in the EU member countries. Downstream users and distributors of chemicals have also obligations to obtain and communicate on the content of possible hazardous substances and substances of very high concern, SVHC, in their products. EU manufacturers and importers of articles like electronic equipment, textiles and certain plastic products as consumer goods may have additional obligations related to REACH.
For some product categories such as cosmetics, toys, biocides and electronics, specific regulation exists on different markets.  DHI obtains information on chemicals regulation on more than 45 global markets including the European Union member states, USA, Canada, Asian and other markets.

Our services in the field include

  • Registration and dossier preparation for chemical substances
  • Data evaluation and testing strategies including QSAR
  • Preparation of chemical safety reports and exposure scenarios
  • Safety data sheets and extended safety sheets
  • Only representative services in the EU for non-EU companies
  • Application for authorization
  • Training of staff in the relevant regulation as e.g. REACH

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