GHS and Safety Data Sheets

Placing chemical substances and mixtures on the market requires extensive knowledge on classification, labelling and packaging and preparation of safety data sheets.
The globally harmonised system (GHS) developed by the UN sets new standards for classification, labelling and packaging of chemicals and is designed to provide identical evaluation criteria for chemical substances and mixtures worldwide.
The building block approach in GHS can however still lead to different classification and labelling of chemicals worldwide. Countries and regions may have their own lists of classifications which may lead to variations in classification and labelling of substances and mixtures.

The challenges for companies that support a global market are to comply with the applicable national legislation and to optimize the production of documentation required on a global scale while the differences occurring in a not yet harmonised market is taken into account.

DHI services include:

  • Development of company specific GHS implementation strategy
  • Classification and labelling of substances and mixtures
  • Preparation of safety data sheets – including extended safety data sheets, eSDS
  • Regulatory data for SDS software and chemical management systems
  • Registration of chemical products
  • Training and courses on GHS, CLP and safety data sheets
  • Safety advisory services