Environmental risk assesment of chemicals

Assessment of the potential risk to the environment resulting from the use of chemicals has become an important part of the international regulation of chemicals and for approval of industrial production and technologies.

Environmental risk assessment combines a prediction of the exposure caused by the uses of a substance with a prediction of the concentration at which no negative effects are expected in a specific environmental compartment (e.g. surface water, sediment, soil).

Exposure assessments are often conducted by use of simple models applying generic information on uses, emissions and the receiving environments. Sometimes, however, it may be preferable to use quite complicated models that are capable of applying detailed information on actual uses and characteristics of the surroundings for the generation of more accurate exposure predictions.

DHI services include:

  • Exposure assessment and modelling of the fate of chemicals in water and soil
  • REACH exposure scenarios for substances and mixtures
  • Evaluation of substances in relation to criteria for PBT and vPvB
  • Assessment of endocrine disrupting effects of chemicals
  • Environmental risk assessment of medicinal products
  • Environmental risk assessment of oil and gas production in the sea
  • Environmental impact assessment in relation to entrepreneur, construction and mining activities
  • Risk assessment as required for approval of ballast water management systems

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