Biocides and pesticides

Rats, mosquitoes, barnacles on ships, fungi, and bacteria are all organisms that we use chemicals to control. While most of these pesticides, biocides, disinfectants, and anti-microbials do not endanger us humans, some can, and most of them can affect the environment. We choose these chemicals after careful consideration.

The authorities require us to back up our choice of chemicals with scientific documentation. This documentation must prove the identity of the chemical, its safety for humans, safety for the environment, and must prove that the chemical does what it is claimed to do. For most pure chemicals, a lot of this scientific documentation is freely accessible public information. However, when it comes to mixtures of chemicals in commercial products, much of the required documentation will have to be generated anew in scientific studies unless sound arguments are put forward for waiving the data.

Our team of experts on the regulatory affairs of biocides and pesticides know just how deep the documentation needs – and does not need – to go to make up a satisfactory dossier for approval. We are used to working in all the dossier’s sections – the identity, human toxicology, eco-toxicology, and efficacy.

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Michael Fink