Product safety and environment

Health and environmental impacts of products has become a visible part of the public agenda and enhances the awareness of safe use of chemical substances at the work place, in production processes and during the final use of the product. Both consumer safety and legislative requirements are therefore aspects to be considered by any manufacturer of chemicals, products for industrial use, pharmaceuticals, food or consumer products.

Market leaders are engaged in implementing sustainability and to communicate consumer information and performance in their product policies as carbon foot prints or animal welfare. Beyond fulfilling the legal requirements the documentation of environmental and health impacts may add value to your company’s branding.

Knowledge on the relevant regulation, contact to National authorities on worldwide markets and experience of the needs in your industry will give you a professional implementation of regulations or standards as the EU REACH or Global Harmonized System on classification of chemicals, environmental testing of pharmaceuticals or Safety documentation of a food ingredient.

Safety assessments will be based on available data on substances and in case there is a need to produce data, DHI also offers to plan and design laboratory tests or to use alternative methods, if that is necessary to achieve the relevant documentation.