Renewable Energy

Renewable energy

Climate change is the most serious environmental challenge which we face today - a challenge with a direct impact on social, economic and ecological issues.

Adaptation or successful mitigation of the potential impacts of global climate change – on species, habitats and biodiversity, as well as on people and their livelihoods – requires sustainable solutions.

Technologies, which provide renewable energy, attract increased interest from industry and governments as a way to cope with climate change. In many places large wind farms have already been erected and the offshore wind industry plans to increase the number of installations significantly within the next decade.

Prototypes and small scale testing facilities, which can exploit wave energy or tidal current, are under development worldwide. A development which ultimately will pave the way for future commercial power production from these inexhaustible resources.

DHI contributes to the development of offshore wind farms and marine renewable energy installations worldwide. We have more than fifteen years of experience as a provider of integrated services within this field.