Port Terminals

Ports and terminals

Increased world trade and energy consumption have created the need for more port and terminal facilities. The development of an optimal port solution requires an integrated approach combining all aspects, such as wave disturbance, ship motions at berth, operations down-time, siltation, manoeuvring and environmental impact. Therefore, the development of the optimal port solution often requires a combination of various disciplines.

At DHI we have extensive experience with port and terminal optimisation at all stages from pre-feasibility to detailed designs and operational aspects. Evaluations of various layouts and modifications are easily carried out with physical or numerical models.  Such results quickly reveal which solution is the optimal. Such studies are likewise used to verify the stability of structures and that berthing conditions do not exceed the down time criteria.

Sedimentation issues and which can hamper safe navigation are issues which are addressed with our advanced morphological and hydrodynamic models combined with our metocean services.