Offshore oil & gas

Offshore oil and gas is often found in areas exposed to harsh environmental conditions, which greatly influence the exploration and development of the reserves. Not only must the structures be able to cope with the prevailing conditions - they must also be able to face extreme conditions with ample safety reserve. The influence of the activities on the ambient environment is another major factor - particularly as development often takes place in environmentally sensitive areas. Offshore activities involve many challenges and professional disciplines.
The use of rational and reliable hydrodynamic design procedures founded on detailed understanding and descriptions of the physical processes are essential and constitute the core of our services. 

Our physical model test laboratories are used extensively to study loads and responses of fixed and floating structures when exposed to wind, waves and current. Wave-in-deck loads studies are performed and pipelines are studied for on-bottom stability. Studies are often combined with numerical studies of deck loads or vibrating free spanning of pipelines.
We provide data and knowledge on environmental issues ranging from environmental loads to oil spills and handling of chemicals. Our solutions are based on more than forty years of experience with projects worldwide.

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