Model testing technology

DHI is a world leading developer and supplier of advanced model testing technology for hydraulic and hydrodynamic laboratories.

DHI products include complete wave generating systems for 2D and 3D waves. In addition DHI delivers a number of peripherals necessary for running model tests, such as data acquisitions systems incorporated into the DHI Wave Synthesizer Software for wave generation and data analysis, and a suite of sensors for wave and force measurements. A special wave control system the DHI AWACS for active wave absorption control can be delivered both with new wave generators and for installation on existing equipment.

The DHI designs are made to comply with demands now and in the future for precision, stability and performance while maintaining maximum robustness. The equipment is easy to use, has long lifetime and requires a minimum of maintenance.

DHI Model Testing Technology has been adopted by more than 90 commercial and university laboratories worldwide.

Besides designing and producing the equipment it is used at DHI’s own model testing facilities. This is a particular advantage to our customers since the products in that way are long-term tested by DHI experts. DHI offers training under the most realistic conditions - namely in our hydraulic laboratories and we also provide consulting services for laboratory planning and development as well as R&D cooperation.

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Jesper Ulrik Fuchs