Metocean data

The provision of high quality and reliable metocean data is fundamental for the success of marine projects. Daily as well as extreme conditions have to be taken into account to establish the design conditions. Marine operations likewise rely heavily on metocean data for predicting available weather windows. In essence all actors on the marine stage need this information. The need varies but may typically include for example time series and maps presenting hindcast and forecast of currents, sea surface heights, wave climate, temperature, salinity levels and stratification.
Design data is typically based on hindcasts, where meteorological data is used to derive wave conditions, sea levels and current based on the wind data. Available hydrographic data is used to calibrate and validate the models which derive the desired parameters.

At DHI we have more than 40 years of experience with monitoring programs worldwide designed to collect the required data. Likewise we provide hindcasts and forecasts  for a number of areas spanning from the North Sea to the Gulf of Mexico.
Key features of our coastal and marine water forecasting system include multi dimensional hydrodynamic and ecological models including advanced data assimilation routines, continuous calibration and validation of model results and comprehensive and custom web based presentation of relevant metocean data. This includes nowcast, hindcast and forecast information.