Hydraulic Scale Model

Hydraulic scale model tests

In spite of the refined numerical models available for solving hydraulic and hydrodynamic issues the use of physical model tests remains a powerful design tool. Physical model tests are widely used for harbour studies to evaluate numerous aspects of a design. The wave damping property of a layout and the stability of breakwaters are examples where physical model tests often are chosen. The design of many offshore oil and gas structures are likewise verified using model tests.

At DHI we have undertaken physical model tests for more than 45 years and indeed pioneered the technological advancement within the fields of port, coastal, hydraulic and offshore engineering. Our test facilities are all equipped with in-house developed model test technology advanced wave generating systems. We have pioneered the 3D wave generator concept and developed active wave absorption systems which eliminate spurious reflection.

Two large shallow water wave basins that are widely used for ports and marine structures, and the deepwater basin for offshore model testing complete the suite of DHI wave basin facilities. In addition, a flume is used for breakwater stability tests.

DHI model test technology is used worldwide by many laboratories.

This video from www.ekoatlantic.com explains and shows important aspects of the physical modeling at DHI.

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Jesper Ulrik Fuchs