Pollution control of industry and wastewater

As urbanisation expands and cities grow the need to deal with the environmental impact becomes even more important to ensure sustainable development. This also entails handling increasing volumes of waste water. Efficient wastewater management exploiting the capacity optimally requires a thorough understanding of the pollutions sources – origin and substance.  Hence pollution sources must be mapped and identified.
Prevention and reduction of discharges of xenobiotics, heavy metals and pharmaceuticals are crucial to protect the processes in urban wastewater treatment plants, the sludge quality, the occupational health for sewer workers as well as health and environmental conditions in receiving waters. Our knowledge and practical experience provides the necessary help to build the institutional capacity of a wastewater pollution control system including source identification, GIS-tool overview, industrial sector regulation (permitting), charging systems, information campaigns and other measures.

At DHI we provide the assists required to identify and regulate pollution point sources in sewer catchment areas.  We deliver integrated knowledge on regulation methods, sector specific best available techniques, environmental management systems and risk assessments of pollutants for authorities and industries.

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Ulf Nielsen