Clean production and water saving

Cleaner production processes utilise the raw materials more efficiently and lower the water and energy consumption. The production becomes more profitable and the environmental impact is reduced.

By carefully analysing the process and identifying the flow of materials, water usage and energy consumption improvements can be identified, quantified and implemented. Improvements which quickly are reflected on the bottom line figures. Pay-back times typically range from a couple of months to a few years.  A reduction of 25-50% of the water consumption is quite normal in water intensive productions when cleaner production processes are applied.
At DHI we have years of experience with implementation of clean production and technology. This is experience is based on working with industries including chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, pulp and paper, industrial laundry, tanning, graphics, food, latex products and electronics.

Our solutions cover all aspects from water minimisation and reuse, to utilisation of by-products and substitution of hazardous chemicals. The solutions are based on solid experience working with a wide range of industries combined with the advanced modelling a simulation tools developed by DHI for describing and analysing all elements of a process. These tools enable the process to be optimised and the benefits quantified step by step.

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Gert Holm Kristensen