River and wetland ecosystems

Increasing attention has been devoted to the role of different types of ecosystems as habitats ensuring high biodiversity, and acting as spreading corridors for different species. In Europe this awareness is imparted through the NATURA 2000 programme.

Environmentally sustainable management of wetland ecosystems includes a sound water balance. Water availability is also of enormous importance for management and preservation in terrestrial ecosystems. Interaction with and impact from pollution and water quality is also very significant for the ecological status.

At DHI we have a long tradition in bio-monitoring and ecological assessments, which combine water quality, quantity and land utilisation information, and make it possible to optimise management plans for the protection of nature.

In recent years we have developed and worked with habitat modelling tools, which can provide you with information on physical as well as chemical interaction on specific populations of interest.

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Jørgen Krogsgaard Jensen