Recreational and bathing waters

Recreational and bathing waters are treasured boons of great value to people all over the world. Much time is spent on water entertainment at lakes, rivers and marine coasts. Professional management is therefore paramount to protect this value.

DHI offers an array of services which supports public authorities, tourist industry and water treatment plants in their planning, design and operation of recreational waters. Our goal is to secure cost effective solutions and management by asking and answering the right questions. When planning: Are the environmental conditions sustainable? What is the optimal design taking users requirement, environmental conditions, visualization and costs into consideration? During operation: How to monitor the water quality (bacteria and algal blooms)? Should pollution be reduced to achieve satisfying health safety?

One of the strong instruments in DHI’s work is dynamic modelling. Tailor made local models are used to investigate pollutions, needs for investments and effects of different investment schemes. In operational mode, the models are the core of DHI’s Bathing Water Forecasting; a services that provides online information to the public, water managers and treatment plant operators on the water quality today and 3 days ahead.