Marine ecosystems

The marine and the coastal shell areas in particular are globally becoming a hotspot of economic growth and population increase. There are many commercial, recreational and nature protection interests at stake – interest that without appropriate, timely and thorough knowledge based planning and governance will become the root of conflicts, economic risks and potential loss of valuable ecosystem components and services.

DHI has over the last 40 years with a major global engagement in marine environmental policies, planning and management achieved a position as preferred advisor and science partner for multi and bilateral GOs, regional and national authorities and private sector such as off shore renewable energy, transport infrastructure and aquaculture.

The DHI approach is quantitative: we cannot rely on expert judgments only. Instead we strive at giving the numbers that makes decision making much more effective. We can do that with an in depth understanding of the hydrographic regime and marine ecosystem causalities, anchored in properly the world’s most advanced 1- 3d numerical modeling software : The Mike by DHI portfolio. The modeling approach enables our customers to plan and manage safely and cost effective on a scientifically reliable knowledge base, even where baseline data is scarce.

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Andreas Brogaard Buhl