Forecasting for marine waters

Operators, decision makers, planners, emergency managers, industry, etc need accurate and detailed marine forecasts to support planning, design and operations. Examples include development and operation of offshore wind farms and oil/gas installations, building of infrastructure projects like bridges and tunnels, optimisation of fish farms operation, and decisions on when to close beaches if the water quality deteriorates.

DHI’s Coastal and Marine Water Forecast Service, which was started in 2002,  is a complete operational and online service providing tailor made hydrographic, environmental and meteorological information for clients and locations worldwide. Examples of areas with detailed local forecast include Busan (South Korea),  Thames Estuary (UK) and Copenhagen Harbour (Denmark), while larger scale regional forecasts areas include the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, the Caspian Sea, the Gulf (Middle East) and Gulf of Mexico.

The information provided includes time series and maps presenting forecast of currents, sea surface heights, wave climate, temperature, salinity levels, oxygen concentration, bathing water quality, etc. This information is provided as a dedicated, online and interactive forecast report and may be integrated with real-time online local measurements. Forecasts typically cover periods up to 5 days ahead.