Environmental impact assessment

EIA is mandatory for most projects likely to influence our environment, and most countries have EIA legislation or use other international legislation. DHI has performed EIA's worldwide for decades on many different types of projects ranging from large marine constructions, oil & gas exploration and production, sewage discharges and restoration and conservation projects.

In both fresh- and marine environments EIAs are challenged by the ubiquitous variability in effect parameters and the inherent dynamics of the ecosystems at stake. DHI has developed an ecosystem-based approach in which our aquatic ecosystem and habitat models are applied in concert with field investigations to enable more comprehensive descriptions of baseline components and assessments of impacts.

Experiences worldwide have clearly shown that the most crucial step in an EIA is the scoping, i.e. the identification of components likely to be influenced by project implementation. DHI has established its own scooping tool; the Rapid Impact Assessment Matrix software RIAM.

DHI offers a wide range of services related to aquatic EIAs, including hydrography, coastal morphology, eco-toxicology, benthic ecology, seabirds and marine mammals.

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