Aquatic nature conservation - habitats and species

The global urge for sustainable development and production has been backed by the over-arching goal of achieving integrated environmental management promoting conservation and sustainable use in an equitable way. In parallel to the development of sustainability, the issue of conservation of natural habitats has been given increasing attention at all levels as one of the most important ecosystem services provided by nature conservation. As a consequence, a wide range of private enterprises and public institutions is requesting objective information of the potential status of habitats and species. DHI has responded to this demand by developing a unique Habitat Toolbox dedicated to the assessment of the status of species and habitats in aquatic environments.

The Toolbox capitalizes on a number of dynamic habitat models developed and applied in nature conservation and EIA projects nationally as well as internationally. The toolbox includes; Agent-based models (ABM), Habitat-suitability models (HSM), Benthic carrying capacity models (BCCM),Statistic distribution models (SDM and Multi-criteria assessment model (MCAM).