Survey and monitoring

Reliable data is essential when designing and planning manmade structures which are affected by the environment and the weather. The advanced models which are used to simulate coastal evolution due to environmental changes, wave conditions along berths or how pollution spills will develop all relay on data which describe the surroundings such as bathymetry and weather conditions.
At DHI we have years of experience with field survey campaigns covering bathymetric surveys, seabed mapping, seabed investigation, spill surveys and collection of hydrographical data such as current, waves, turbidity, salinity, temperature, fluorescence/tracer, oxygen etc. are among the front-end activities, which also include consultancy services on survey design, supervision and quality assurance of data. These surveys are carried out in all sorts of environments and in all parts of the world.

Surveys are designed to obtain the specific data required and are often integral components of larger studies. Campaigns can be short termed or run over years for monitoring purposes. The most modern survey equipment is used to ensure reliable data collection and reliable quality.

Data is delivered in many forms, but most commonly via the internet to data centres where it is processed for further use. DHI can provide all types of data and data quality handling.