Shoreline and estuary management

Shoreline and estuarine management provides cost-efficient solutions based on the latest scientific methods and knowledge to the benefit of planners, managers and contractors contributing to a sustainable stewardship of coastal resources.

Estuaries are natural and recreational resources and at the same important containing the world’s population centres and large transportation hubs. We provide the expertise and tools to find solutions to the planning and management of the conflicting needs embedded in decision-making in such complex environments. Our support to engineers and managers is based on scientific expertise and cost-effective methods.

The expertise we provide involves current and tide modelling and forecasts in riverine, estuarine and coastal waters including the transport of fine and coarse sediments and the impact on navigation. Further services include the dispersion of pollutant discharges, water quality of recirculation and thermal discharges using dynamic ecosystem models.

At DHI we have a long tradition for providing cost-effective solutions spanning planning and environmental issues to the design of estuarine structures.

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Karsten Mangor