Coastal structures

Large infrastructure projects such as bridges crossing straits or power plants using sea water for cooling involve hydraulic aspects which need to be addressed and optimised.

The design has to take environmental issues and constructability into consideration. Wave loads and scour protection around bridge piers and the safe installation of tunnel elements are some of the areas where we help ensure success.

Power plants, including hydropower, also involve both environmental and constructability procedures, ranging from the impact of dam construction on surrounding areas to hydrodynamic loads on outlet structures. We also provide expert consultancy on the design of marine and hydraulic structures such as water intake and outfall structures, flood gates, dams, spillways and marine outfalls. The typical aspects addressed include the dispersion of heated water, siltation in intakes and pump systems, air entrainment, the recirculation of heated water, discharge optimization, scour protection, and wave and current loads.  

Our services range from the conceptual phase to optimization of final designs and are based on advanced simulation tools combined with hydraulic modelling facilities.