Coastal flooding and erosion

Coastal zones are particularly vulnerable to climate variability and change. Key concerns include sea level rise, land loss, changes in maritime storms and flooding, responses to sea level rise and implications for water resources.

Rising sea levels inundate wetlands and other low-lying lands, erode beaches, intensify flooding, and increase the salinity of the groundwater as well as rivers and estuaries. Some of these effects may be further compounded by other effects of a changing climate. Additionally, measures that people take to protect private property from rising sea level can likewise have adverse effects on the environment and surrounding. Some property owners and state and local governments are already starting to take measures to prepare for the consequences of rising sea level.

The risks must be identified in order to plan and develop measures at an early stage so that mitigative or adaptive solutions can be evaluated and implemented before the cost become prohibitive. We have years of experience with coastal engineering and the experts and tools required to develop the right solutions.

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Ida Brøker