Coastal and estuarine engineering

Coastal environments are transient, continuously reshaped by the natural processes of the waves, tides, surges, erosion and deposition. There is increasing pressure on our coasts from the competing needs of commercial, recreational and residential interests. Careful planning and comprehensive assessment is required to preserve these complex coastal dynamics and to safeguard the coasts for future generations. Global trade means goods handled by ports. Costs dictate enhanced operability and capacity. Planning, design and construction of ports and marine structures as well as any marine operation require a range of hydraulic and environmental engineering services and tools to ensure viable design, safe and efficient operation and minimal environmental impact.

This also involves a number of disciplines ranging from field studies to shoreline management. At DHI our philosophy is to work with nature based on a thorough understanding and detailed analysis of the various processes and phenomena. We offer a unique combination of expertise combined with an integral suite of tools such as surveying and monitoring, numerical modelling and hydraulic model testing. This is what provides the clients with the optimal solutions to often complex problems.