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Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment

Using standard vulnerability, hazard and risk definition for flood related phenomena; DHI Group provides simplified integrated method in Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment as basic thresholds mechanism for a basin definition of priorities in the flood hazard and flood risk assessments. The tool is a preliminary resource for flood risk mapping.


GRAS provides innovative mapping products and solutions based on satellite images and aerial photographs. We specialise in environmental assessment, water resources and marine monitoring.

Offshore Renewables

DHI provides the services required to plan, design, install and maintain offshore renewable energy installations worldwide. From the early feasibility studies to the detailed environmental impact assessments.

DHI’s expertise is based on global experience within:

  • Metocean Data
  • Design
  • Survey and Monitoring
  • Seabed and Coast
  • EIA

Water Forecast by DHI

The Water Forecast is DHI's forecasting service for all types of marine and fresh water operations. We focus on specialised forecast solutions and decision support systems customised to meet the needs of our clients. The Water Forecast is available world-wide with operational centres in Denmark and Singapore.


DHI Ballast water Centre

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has adopted the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ship’s Ballast Water and Sediments to reduce the risk of spreading harmful aquatic organisms and pathogens released with ballast water. The convention requires that all ships install Ballast Water Management Systems (BWMS) to treat the ballast water before it is released to the environment.

For verification of BWMS performance DHI has build up a land-based test facility using natural freshwater, brackish and high saline seawater at Hundested Harbour in Denmark .

DHI LAB Products and related services for monitoring the aquatic environment

DHI Lab Products offers ready-to-use phytoplanton pigment standards and cyano toxin standards for monitoring phytoplankton composition and toxicity, as well as aqueous 14C solutions in ampoules ready to use for primary production studies and monitoring. DHI Lab Products also offers analysis for algae pigments, cyano toxins and liquid scintillations counts.

Furthermore, we produce and distribute filtration equipment and filters.

Ecotoxicological services

The ecotoxicological laboratory at DHI carries out standardized and specialized tests concerning biodegradability, toxicity and bioaccumulation of chemical substances, products and complex mixtures.

Chemical Manager

DHI offers a complete chemicals management software tool, ChemManager

ChemManager® is a web service solution for managing chemical data and staying in compliance with chemical regulation.

ChemManager® offers you an “all-in-one” solution for managing data and documentation on chemicals in compliance with current regulation, i.e. REACH and GHS.


Danish Coasts and Climate Adaptation (COADAPT)

The main objective of the project is to develop technical and shoreline management tools to meet the additional threats that an increased sea level rise and changes in storm conditions impose on coastal areas. These threats are mainly increased risk for flooding of low lying coastal areas and increased risk of coastline retreat (coastal erosion).

Environmental Technology Verification (ETV)

Environmental Technology Verification (ETV)

The Danish Centre for Verification of Climate and Environmental Technologies, DANETV, offers an independent tests of technologies and products for the reduction of climate and environmental changes and of monitoring equipment detecting environmental changes. The focus is on technologies that are of great importance to the progress of climate and environmental strategy; Air emission, Energy efficiency, Alternative energy production, Water treatment and monitoring.