We collaborate with the World Health Organization (WHO)

29 Aug 2012  

We are proud to announce that the World Health Organization (WHO) has redesignated DHI as the WHO Collaborating Centre for Water and Health. The Centre is associated with the WHO headquarters in Geneva and the WHO Europe office in Bonn.

We have been a WHO Collaborating Centre since 1993 and as always, we will provide WHO with the requisite support on matters related to water and water environments. Here is an overview of our planned contributions to WHO’s work in the coming four years: 

  • Drinking water safety plan and risk assessment
  • Safe use of waste water, excreta and water in agriculture & aquaculture
  • Health Impact Assessments (HIAs)

    For more details, please feel free to contact the new Head of the DHI WHO Collaborating Centre for Water and Health – Claus Jørgensen at
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    Claus Jørgensen