We expand our global knowledge through comprehensive MIKE training programmes

24 Aug 2012  

At DHI, we are on a quest – to provide better solutions for the world’s varied water environments. We make this happen by expanding our global knowledge base – via training programmes and courses – worldwide. Our experts in Vietnam conducted MIKE Flood training courses during the months of July-August.

The trainees (especially new modellers) received hands-on knowledge about the technology for their daily work. At the same time, experienced modellers were able to improve on their skills. Trainees also got the opportunity to discuss ideas, challenges and issues with our experts and were informed about new releases in the technology as well.

The purpose of these training courses was to deliver our best technology and software in flood modelling. Through these trainings, we aimed to address the increasing threat of urban flooding facing the world today. As a direct result of the training courses, we saw a distinct spike in MIKE Flood sales, enhanced customer loyalty, augmented brand awareness and increased cognizance of both MIKE by DHI products as well as our training activities.

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Duong Quoc Vinh