Indian delegation learns about DHI’s flood forecast systems in Europe

05 Jul 2012  

From June 4-8, 2012, a delegation from the Water Resources Department of the Government of Maharashtra in western India visited various sites in Europe to learn more about DHI’s real-time flood forecasting models.

DHI is currently establishing a real-time flood forecasting system for the Krishna and Bhima River Basins in India. These basins are located in western India near the city of Pune, the second largest in the state of Maharashtra after Mumbai. This project, funded by the World Bank and scheduled for a duration of 18 months, will help to protect the local population from floods and ensure – through consideration of dam operations – the irrigation of their fields.

After visiting the DHI head office in Hørsholm (Denmark), the Indian delegation visited the International Forecasting Centre at “Land Steiermark” in Graz (Austria) and the Forecasting Centre at the Environmental Agency (ARSO) in Slovenia to learn more about the transnational flood forecast systems for the Enns, Mur, Raab and Sava catchments, that DHI has developed and established during the last years and that are now operated by these Centres.

The Slovenian system has already proven its value and reliability during a flood event In September 2010, when our forecast supported the issuing of early warning messages. Thereby, the Administration of the Civil Protection and Disaster Relief was able to coordinate the evacuation of local citizens as well as the operation of relief workers for flood protection during the flood, saving numerous livelihoods as well as considerable amounts of money.

The study tour ended with presentations of our German hydropower and discharge forecast, developed and operated at DHI-WASY in Germany.

Special thanks for helping with the organisation and the very interesting days at the institutions, ensuring that the delegation enjoyed their stay, go to Dr. Robert Schatzl and his team from Land Steiermark in Graz, Austria and Mr. Janez Polajnar and his team from the Environmental Agency in Slovenia.

The Indian delegation and their hosts from                    The delegation at the forecast center of the Slovenian
“Land Steiermark” visit a gauging station in Austria.      Environmental Agency.

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Silvia Matz