Energy-neutral used water treatment – developed in Singapore

02 Jul 2012  

Increasing energy production while decreasing energy demand: this vision will soon become reality for used water treatment plants retrofitted with a novel concept developed by Singapore researchers in cooperation with international collaborators from Denmark and France. Hitting the spot in times of global warming, rising energy prices and increased urbanisation, the revamped plants shall not only become energy self-sufficient, but even generate excess energy.

On July 4, the international partners of the project signed a Research Collaboration Agreement formalising the alliance at the Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) 2012, the global platform for the sharing and co-creation of water solutions.

The Energy+-concept uses a two-step approach: A range of process manipulations help reducing the energy intensive conventional activated sludge process. At the same time, controlled anaerobic digestion allows to maximize the production of biogas, which can then be reused in the plant.

“With new and stricter international requirements on energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, the water sector has put energy efficiency high on the agenda”, explains Martin Andersen, Head of the Environmental Technology Department at DHI Singapore and Principal Investigator for the project. “There is an enormous market in minimising energy consumption of existing plants and making them, at least, energy neutral."

Event details:
The signing ceremony has taken place in the ‘Singapore International Water Week’ -Water Expo at Booth no. 32 (SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT) - on Wednesday 4th July at 12.30 pm. Contact us to learn more about our fruitful collaboration and Energy+.

Head of Department in DHI Singapore and Principal Investigator of the Energy+ project Martin Andersen signing the Research Collaboration Agreement in the presence of (from left): Ole Larsen (Research Director, DHI Singapore), Paul-Joël Derian (Director of Research, Innovation & Performance, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT), Chua Soon Guan (Deputy Executive Director, EWI and Assistant Chief Executive, PUB), Prof. Ng WJ (Executive Director, NEWRI NTU) and Philippe Gislette (Derector of CIRSEE, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT). Energy+ project partners celebrating the joint research collaboration agreement. From left: Chua Soon Guan (EWI and PUB), Philippe Gislette (SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT), Pascal Dauthuille (SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT), Ole Larsen (DHI Singapore), Paul-Joël Derian (SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT), Marlene Choo-Kun (SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT), Antoine Labrosse (DHI Group), Martin Andersen (DHI Singapore) and Prof Ng WJ (NEWRI NTU).

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