Rio+20: Promoting sustainable water management with UN-Water

27 Jun 2012  

Rio+20: Promoting sustainable water management with UN-Water

Launch of the Integrated Water Resources Management Report by the DHI-UNEP Centre

A global report on the status of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), produced by the UNEP-DHI Centre in support of UN-Water, was successfully launched at the UN-Water Day, a major side event and press conference at Rio+20 last week. “The report, with inputs from 133 countries, is a major UN-Water input to Rio+20, and contains specific targets, including the proposal for a permanent monitoring framework”, Peter Koefoed Bjørnsen from the DHI-UNEP Centre explains , “It is set to be a major point of reference in the drive towards sustainable water management in the coming years.”

Our immediate next steps include:

  1. Promoting the establishment of a regular global reporting mechanism.
  2. Using the report as a platform to influence the definition and design of goal(s) and targets on water as part of the follow-up to the Millennium Development Goals post 2015 in support of UN-Water.

A copy of the report for Rio+20 can be found here.

The UNEP-DHI Centre for Water and Environment is a United Nations Environment Programme centre of expertise. The Centre was established in 2001 and is hosted by DHIGroup headquarters in Denmark. The Centre is supported by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and dedicated to improving the management of freshwater resources from the local to the global level.

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Peter Koefoed Bjørnsen

Gareth James Lloyd