Water Innovation in Singapore – and some of our contributions

25 Jun 2012  

Singapore’s government invests heavily in water-related research and development (R&D), in an effort to address its severe challenge of water shortage and to prepare for the effects of climate change. Some outcomes of this effort are now being presented in the R&D-dedicated brochure ‘Innovation in Water Singapore Volume 3’, published by Singapore’s national water agency PUB. It presents some of the latest, most cutting-edge water research carried out in Singapore – including several projects carried out in collaboration with DHI and the DHI-NTU Research Centre. Our projects presented in the publication concern:

• Increasing flood preparedness and prevention with the help of high-resolution, short-range weather radar systems (see page 16 – contact Ole Larsen for more information)

• Making desalination more cost- and energy-efficient with the help of new membrane technology (see page 19 – contact Martin Andersen for more information)

• Making used water treatment plants energy self-sufficient with the Energy+-concept (see page 26 – contact Martin Andersen for more information)

With the new publication, Singapore reaches out to the global water communities and promotes collaborations with overseas counterparts, with the aim of further developing the country’s water research profile.

If you want to learn more about water research in Singapore and at DHI, visit us at the Singapore International Water Week, booth H02 (DHI-NTU Centre) and J05 (DHI Ballast Water Centre and Mike by DHI).

Bedok reservoir. Water is limited but heavily demanded resource in Singapore.© PUB

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