High Performance Computing Center boosts performance

09 Dec 2011  

DHI and IT4Innovations Initiate CollaborationIn connection with the official opening of IT4Innovations, a new High Performance Computing Center in Ostrava, Czech Republic, DHI signed a collaboration agreement with the new center. The agreement covers the joint development of new features for the MIKE product family – aiming at making the power of the latest HPC technology available to MIKE software users.

IT4Innovations will be equipped with the most modern hardware, placing it in the top tier of HPC centers in Europe. Researchers from IT4Innovations will collaborate with industries in order to make the computing power of the new center available for practical engineering purposes. Read more about IT4Innovations here.

“We already know the MIKE products and DHI from our developments in disaster risk management” says Dr. Vit Vondrak, Head of the research program “IT for Disaster and Traffic Management”, one of the 8 programs defined as part of IT4Innovations. “Partnering with DHI within technology development for water modeling and disaster risk management was a natural next step for us – and can serve as a model template for similar research agreements with other industrial partners”.

DHI and IT4Innovations Initiate Collaboration“We are constantly looking for ways to enhance the value of our MIKE software- Enabling our users to run larger projects faster and at lower costs is a key driver in our software development” says Jørgen Bo Nielsen, managing director of DHI Software Products. “IT4Innovations will not only have some of the most powerful hardware in Europe. They also have excellent people, who will help us make the MIKE products much faster and our users more productive”.

The first planning work-shop in the collaboration project was held on the campus of Ostrava Technical University, where IT4Innovations is hosted.

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Jørgen Bo Nielsen