24 dec 2011Supporting clean technology and sustainable water management in Vietnam
23 dec 2011Sustainable water use in transboundary river basins: Decision support for the Aral Sea Basin
22 dec 201130 years of high-quality metocean data of incredible value for the future
22 dec 201130 years of high-quality metocean data of incredible value for the future
22 dec 201130 years of high-quality metocean data of incredible value for the future
21 dec 201130 years of high-quality metocean data of incredible value for the future
09 dec 2011High Performance Computing Center boosts performance
07 dec 2011Baltic Waterbirds take a dive
01 dec 2011Reinsurers get help from monitoring weather events in real-time
29 nov 2011GIS day 2011
28 nov 2011Case Story: DHI helps getting Bulgaria’s water sector on the European track
23 nov 2011MIKE FLOOD de facto standard in Italy
23 nov 2011DHI at the world's largest offshore wind energy event
21 nov 2011DHI scientists rediscover a long-lost treasure: The Return of the Neptune’s Cup
10 nov 2011Weather radar squeezes the last gust out of the wind
08 nov 2011Managing leaking pipes saves 43% of water
03 nov 2011Pressure waves losing their scare, from San Diego to Temelin
02 nov 2011On-line analysis of water distribution systems - Be Proactive, Prepared, Pre-emptive
01 nov 2011Sponge – a source of new cancer medicine
31 okt 2011How to manage underwater noise for the marine animals
28 okt 2011Disinfections require documentation
25 okt 2011Follow us on our new Scribd channel, to easily access and share our publications
17 okt 2011Smart recycle water release system generates huge savings
13 okt 2011New La Réunion coastal highway built on the sea
27 sep 2011Cost of human impacts on the Baltic sea: DHI supports environmental economists
20 sep 2011Torkil Jønch Clausen to chair World Water Week, Stockholm
12 sep 2011DHI scientist awarded the ENOC Young Scientist Prize
09 sep 2011New-York City highlights the development of Copenhagen’s Harbour Bath as best practice
07 sep 2011First solution to successfully filter invasive species from ballast water
26 aug 2011Women's Water Fund 2011 - Interviews of eight women who can make things happen
24 aug 2011Denmark’s largest molehill: DHI primps the coast around the future Fehmarnbelt link
22 aug 2011DHI participating in C.I.R., 2011
15 aug 2011To improve flood forecasting in Australia, DHI is calling for the application of hydraulic models
09 aug 2011Safe embrace: Supporting local fisheries with innovative harbour design
12 jul 2011Improving river efficiency in the murrumbidgee river, Australia
12 jul 2011DHI provides a one-stop-shopping solution for REACH registration dossiers
30 jun 2011Thanks for not digging - Award-winning DHI Sweden
22 jun 2011And the winner is ... DHI has raffled the new iPad 2
20 jun 2011The European Water Research Institutes met at DHI
09 jun 2011A safe storage for highly radioactive waste – today and in the future
26 maj 2011Meet some of our clients in the DHI Annual Report 2010
03 maj 2011WEST becomes MIKE by DHI
13 apr 2011Modelling and analysis of urban flooding anno 2011
13 apr 2011MIKE by DHI 2011 - better than ever
01 apr 2011Creating a new home for polar bears – the Arctic Ring
25 mar 2011DHI Singapore-based French researcher wins prestigious Danish award
21 mar 2011DHI hydraulic model providing insight in Australian floodings
18 mar 2011Modelling the catastrophe – the wave on land
10 mar 2011Refining the model, for a more reliable forecast of climate change
07 mar 2011The perfect toolbox for flood risk management
01 mar 2011Training course in the new MIKE 21 and MIKE 3 release
24 feb 2011DHI technology to help Danish municipalities with climate adaptation
17 feb 2011Reviving a river - across borders and across disciplines
14 feb 2011Dredging and Port Construction around Coral Reefs
08 feb 2011Can polluted water travel upstream?
10 jan 2011Breaking down the Break
07 jan 2011First tropical ballast water test facility opens in Singapore