AIT attains the status of an International Intergovernmental Organization

08 Nov 2010  

Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), a spearhead in Thailands postgraduate education strongly supported by DHI, has attained the renowned status of an Intergovernmental Organization.

UN, EU, WTO, ASEAN – to name just a few renowned Intergovernmental Organizations. Just as peace and politics, environmental protection is a major issue of international relevance. Therefore, AIT has decided to stand abreast these big companions, and become an International Intergovernmental Organization itself.

For many years, DHI and AIT have been closely collaborating to address burning issues such as sedimentation, soil erosion and environmental pollution. DHI has been providing technology transfer, training and research support to AIT on a continuous basis, the cordial bond between the organizations being strengthened by the active exchange of many personnel and alumni.

The new status of AIT as an Intergovernmental Organization (IGO), being the first such organization in the field of higher learning in Thailand, clearly highlights its spearheading role in promoting technological change and sustainable development in the Asian-Pacific region.

“There has been a very cordial and cooperative rapport between both the organizations”, says Ajay Pradhan, Managing Director DHI India, being the President of AIT Alumni Association and a key stake holder of the AIT. “AIT being an intergovernmental organisation will leverage the further collaboration for higher research and training in the region.”

Representatives of twelve countries and one International Organization after the signing of the new Charter of the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT).

Representatives of twelve countries and one International Organization after the signing of the new Charter of the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT). The new Charter was signed by the Foreign Minister of Thailand, H.E. Mr. Kasit Piromya and opened for signature for countries and international organizations.

(In picture from left to right) Prof. Said Irandoust, President, Asian Institute of Technology; Mr. Sven Malmberg, Minister (Chargé d'affaires), Embassy of Sweden in Thailand; H.E. Professor J.B. Disanayaka, Ambassador of Sri Lanka; H.E. Mr. Sohail Mahmood, Ambassador of Pakistan; H.E. Mr. Naveen Prakash Jung Shah, Ambassador of Nepal; H.E. Mr. Kazi Imtiaz Hossain, Ambassador of Bangladesh; H.E.Mr. Kasit Piromya, Foreign Minister of Thailand; H.E.Dr.Tej Bunnag, former Foreign Minister of Thailand and Chairman, Board of Trustees of AIT; H.E. Mr. Kyoji Komachi, Ambassador of Japan; H.E. Mr. Pinak Ranjan Chakravarty, Ambassador of India; H.E. Mr. Philippe Le Gall, Ambassador of Seychelles; H.E. Ms. Ling Lingay F. Lacanlale, Ambassador of Phillippines; H.E. Mr. Joao Freitas de Camara, Ambassador of Timor Leste; Ms. Moni Pizani, Representative in Thailand and Regional Program Director of UNIFEM; Mr. Ouk Sophoin, Counsellor (Chargé d'affaires) of Embassy of Cambodia; Dr. Subin Pinkayan, former Foreign Minister of Thailand.

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