DHI and MIKE URBAN win international tender in Muscat, Oman

21 Dec 2006  

Ajman Sewerage

Oman Wastewater Services Company, OWSC has decided to use DHI’s MIKE URBAN in it’s 1 billion USD sewer upgrade scheme. MIKE URBAN was selected after a thorough tender and inter-comparison procedure.

“We are very pleased that OWSC prefers MIKE URBAN”, says Sten Lindberg, head of DHI’s Urban Water. “It proves that our concept of integrating state-of-the-art technologies within modeling, GIS and asset management is the preferred concept in the market today. The complete open and scalable architecture makes MIKE URBAN very different from the competitors, and makes the software attractive to not only major cities, but also smaller communities” continues Sten Lindberg.

Also the Arab Emirate of Ajman – located just north of Dubai, have decided for MIKE URBAN to support the ongoing design and construction of sewerage system for the city.

DHI’s involvement in these two strategic and large scale projects ushers a new gateway for DHI’s urban water software into the Middle East market. With DHI’s software at the center of the operation of these flagship projects supported by DHI’s Dubai office, MIKE URBAN will become a brand name and a vehicle for further involvement in the region.

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DHI and MIKE URBAN win international tender in Muscat, Oman

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