Technical Preview Release 2007

07 Dec 2006  

The aftermath...

The technical Preview Release 2007 was the first of its kind in the history of DHI Software but based on the encouraging response it will probably not be the last. On several aspects the upcoming Release 2007 constitute a major release that is likely to affect the way many users apply DHI Software products today. Thus the primary objectives of the Technical Preview Release 2007 were to form an important vehicle for customer feedback as well as to create a market interest and expectations.

The feedback from users has been extremely helpful allowing for a final concerted effort in improving the Release 2007. The questionnaires that TP testers filled out at the end of the trial period proved very instrumental in this process. Below is a list of one-liners extracted from the evaluation.

  • The 2007 release is easy to use! Says 90+% of our external TP testers
  • More than 90% of our external TP testers had a good user experience even with the early version and 86% showed it off to their colleagues
  • The installation was straight forward – more than 90% of testers agree!
  • 40% found the DHI Support more than satisfactory! 95+% found that it met their expectations
  • The new look and feel with the project explorer approach was rated "Intuitive" by all of the testers! – more than 75% found that it helped them be more organized
  • More than 85 % found it useful to store other types of documents such as reports, presentations and images in the project explorer
  • All who tried the new MIKE FLOOD URBAN agreed that it will be one of their preferred package for determining inundation extents in Urban areas
  • 89% find it easier to work with 2D components in MIKE FLOOD than only using traditional 1D floodplain modelling
  • 80% agreed that the online documentation helps them in their daily work
  • The new stationary solver in MIKE 21 SW was rated very useful by more than 70% of those who tried
  • 93% agreed that the new projection standard based on OpenGIS was the right move
  • All who tried agreed that the new statistical features, enhancements to the profile editor and profile plot are useful

Many users also expressed an exciting enthusiasm in response to the TP. Some of their statements are listed below.

"Presents interesting innovations that will bring more efficiency in modelling work"

"The new MIKE FLOOD with integrated urban modelling is really impressive! The TP version has already been a major help to us in our flood modelling projects"

"The speed improvements in MIKE 21 SW are just stunning!"

"We are very exited by the coming changes and look forward to using them in the near future"

"We believe this is a big step forward for DHI Software!"

"It's a great system, nice work DHI!"

The sincere interest from the TP participants as well as a general keen interest were also reflected in an impressive high number of "unique" visits and download's from the established TP website.

The ultimate aftermath has been enticing reading and raising the expectations towards the Release 2007 soon to come out - rightfully...

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Erland B. Rasmussen