21 dec 2006DHI and MIKE URBAN win international tender in Muscat, Oman
21 dec 2006Water Hammer simulations for IVAR IKS in Stavanger, Norway
19 dec 2006Belo Horizonte, Brazil selects MIKE URBAN
13 dec 2006A novel nano-biotechnological water membrane
12 dec 2006Flood mapping in entire Sardegna Island, Italy
07 dec 2006Flood Modelling of Boulder Creek for Emergency Response Planning Using MIKE 21
07 dec 2006Technical Preview Release 2007
29 nov 2006Science in a ship container
28 nov 2006The 4th Asia-Pacific DHI Software Conference.
24 nov 2006Optimisation of real-time management of groundwater resources
21 nov 2006Coffs Harbour selects MIKE URBAN
16 nov 2006A new approach to dam break modelling
10 nov 2006New web based Water Forecast service, the Gulf Water Forecast
09 nov 2006Consequences of weather and climate changes for marine and freshwater ecosystems - Conceptual and operational
09 nov 2006Climate Change Modelling with DHI Software
09 nov 2006DHI Partners in Successful Application for Australian Research Council Linkage Grant
06 nov 2006DHI Software 2007 Release - Coming News Part 3
25 okt 2006Galathea 3
23 okt 2006Visualising groundwater
10 okt 2006Copenhagen: A mini-symposium in microbiology "What’s in a ‘species’?"
27 sep 2006DHI and GKSS participate in the German-Indonesian Tsunami Early Warning System (GITEWS)
18 sep 2006New MIKE 11 and Visual MODFLOW Premium link
14 sep 2006NASA and DHI improve monitoring of phytoplankton
13 sep 2006DHI participates in the development of REACH guidance for industry
13 sep 2006DHI develops REACH competencies in collaboration with Danish industry
04 sep 2006DHI Software the 2007 release
04 sep 2006DHI SoftwareTowards the 2007 release
01 sep 2006Come and meet us at ICCE 2006
11 aug 2006Sydney’s Desalination Blueprint - Independent Expert Review
10 aug 2006New Quarterly Toxicology Newsletter
13 jul 2006New Danish-Swedish partnership on wastewater pollution sources in the Øresund Region
03 jul 2006DHI User Group Meeting and training courses at Asian Institute of Technology
30 jun 2006Aquaculture Development Potential Across Asia-Pacific, Sabah and New Zealand
30 jun 2006DHI prepares the monitoring/reporting system for the EU Water Initiative
30 jun 2006New regulation of substances in articles within the EU
15 jun 2006DHI Software - Technical Preview - Updated
02 jun 2006Enthusiastic first impressions of TP 2007 Release
02 jun 2006Food News: EFSA vouches for the safety of aspartame
09 maj 2006Mapping of products containing nanoparticles or based on nanotechnology
28 apr 2006OQYANA retains DHI for its prestigious development on the World Islands, Dubai
27 apr 2006Big Waves at Waimea Bay, Hawaii Part 1
26 apr 2006DHI has been awarded ESRI Business Partner of the Year
04 apr 2006Copenhagen Receives European Environmental Award
28 mar 2006King Hassan II Great World Water Prize awarded to DHI Director Dr. T Joench-Clausen
14 mar 2006Denmark receiving heavier rainfalls - the largest rainfalls have become 20-25% heavier in the last 25 years.
06 mar 2006MIKE SHE Is Chosen for Water Resource Management in Okanagan Valley, BC
27 feb 2006Benefits of the new EU chemicals policy, REACH, assessed by DHI