Real time water quality forecasting in Bangkok

09 Feb 2005   Real time water quality forecasting in Bangkok - a decision support system

Bangkok and the surrounding area have a network of canals or khlongs, which over the past decades have been in serious decline. The network of channels covers hundreds of square kilometres, linking the Chao Phraya with the neighbouring rivers Tha Chin and Bang Pakong to the west and east, respectively. The network is an invaluable asset containing numerous uses such as

  • drainage channels for storm water and flood overflows
  • navigation routes for water transport
  • conveying of sewage via the main rivers to the sea
  • conveying of irrigation water to the northern area
  • circulation of brackish water among the shrimp farms in the south

To improve the water quality a number of measures are undertaken by the  Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.

In parallel with the construction of sewage treatment facilities an advanced quality surveillance and decision support system is presently under implementation.

In this context DHI has been sub-contracted by Fugro OCEANOR AS to upgrade the system with advanced real time modelling of water quality.

The system composed of advance sensor and database technology, model updating in real time and GIS provides BMA with a unique decision support system to address such important issues as:

  • Identification of major pollution sources
  • Forecast of water quality
  • Procedures and routines for efficient operation of hydraulic structures in order to maximise flushing of khlongs without violating water quality standards for the Chao Phraya.

The model system builds on the MIKE FLOOD WATCH concept (presently under implementation in Bangkok) with the inclusion of the EcoLab and data assimilation routines for water quality model updating in real time.

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