26 dec 2004Sumatra Tsunami, 26th December 2004
23 dec 2004Blue Mars - DHI is working with water wherever it is found
09 dec 2004MIKE FLOOD WATCH Selected to Forecast Inflow to the Three Gorges Dam
06 dec 2004Short course in Water Resource Management, using the GIS-based model MIKE Basin, 6-10 December 2004
15 nov 2004Free Time Series Manager now available
08 nov 2004European and Scandinavian conference for ESRI users
26 okt 2004International collaboration within the US National Weather Service (NWS) Distributed Modelling Intercomparison Study - DMIP
20 okt 2004DHI User Club Meeting, Tokyo JAPAN
19 okt 2004DHI awarded major USAID framework contract on Integrated Water and Coastal Resources Management.
21 sep 2004CGIAR Challenge Program on Water & Food
16 sep 2004Nodularin standards available!
08 sep 2004Oxygen depletion in Danish Waters
03 sep 2004Integrated 1D - 2D Flood Modeling tools in action
20 aug 2004Microcystin standards available!
04 aug 2004See how Idaho Department of Water Resources apply MIKE BASIN
29 jul 2004Watch the serious flooding in Bangladesh
19 jul 2004Urban flood modelling with MOUSE and MIKE 21
07 jun 2004WRSI Website Launch Announcement
02 jun 2004FLOODRELIEF develops a flexible, low-cost and high-resolution operational weather forecasting system for flood forecasting
03 maj 2004A Gulf of Mexico Loop Current Forecast Modelling System
01 apr 2004Water Resource Management System - supporting Water Framework Directive Implementation in Greece
25 mar 2004New Local Area Weather Radar installations
22 mar 2004DHI Contract for Hindcast Modelling the Next 6 Years
27 feb 2004DHI's Water Forecast goes global
26 feb 2004DHI celebrate its first 40 years of operation
23 jan 2004Clean Car Wash facilities in Denmark