Take a swim in Copenhagen Harbour

  Take a swim in Copenhagen Harbour

From 15 June it has again become possible to go swimming in Copenhagen Harbour. On this date the Municipality of Copenhagen opened the new public bath at Islands Brygge. For many years the water in the harbour has been polluted. Now it is, however, so clean that taking a swim is no problem.

Flash floods caused by heavy rain may, however, exceed the capacity of the sewer system, and excess water will flow into certain parts of the harbour. If this water will degrade the quality of the water at Islands Brygge the public bath will have to be closed temporarily.

In order to be able to forecast if this will be the case DHI has for the Municipality of Copenhagen developed a bathing water forecast. This forecast is based on measurements of overflow and carried out with the use of a detailed current model for the harbour. It is envisaged that the public bath will only have to be closed a few days each season.

The bathing water forecast for Islands Brygge can be found at On this website the beach Amager Strand can also be checked, and as more possibilities for going swimming within the harbour becomes available these will also be included.

The bathing water forecast is a part of the DHI service The Water Forecast, which for all Danish waters offers 5 days forecasts of currents, waves, water levels, temperature, salinity, oxygen and more.

For more information please contact Anders Erichsen +45 45 16 91 42.

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