Tailor-made Forecasts for People at Sea

  Tailor-made forecasts for people at sea

About one year ago DHI started The Water Forecast service providing 5-days forecasts of

  • water levels and currents
  • waves and swell
  • salinity and temperature
  • environmental indicators like oxygen and chlorophyll-a
  • winds and air pressure

in the Baltic, the Danish waters and the North Sea.

Based on the experience gained since then and especially on the feedback from our users a new website with forecasts customised to fit the needs of each individual user has been launched.

On the new website it is possible to zoom in on the areas of interest for the user and for example see an animation of the current conditions in Øresund, see detailed wave and swell conditions around offshore wind farms, see detailed maps showing the salinity, see wave roses and more. The users may themselves change the contents of their forecast pages. On our demo pages examples for a number of user groups are shown.

If your work or recreational activities at sea may benefit from detailed forecasts or if you are just interested we can offer you a free trial subscription. For further information please see or contact Karl Iver Dahl-Madsen (phone +45 45 16 91 35 or email