Okavango Delta Management Plan - Botswana

  Okavango Delta Management Plan - Botswana

DHI in association with Hedeselskabet and Scanagri has just signed a project contract with the objective of  preparing a water resources management plan for the Okavango Delta. The study will be financed by the Danish Foreign Aid (DANIDA)

The Okavango delta is a complicated hydrological system. About 6000 km2 is permanently flooded swamp with low water depth and extensive surface vegetation. During the flood period the flooded area is almost tripled.

In order to establish a prediction model to answer "what-if" question regarding the hydrology in the area i.e. the water balance and especially the groundwater outflow and evapo-transpiration an integrated surface water and groundwater model covering the entire delta and surrounding shall be developed. The integrated model complex based on  MIKE SHE and MIKE 11 will  be used to visualize and quantify the effect of various management options within the Okavango Delta such as: .

  • climatic changes
  • changes in ground water extraction
  • dredging of new channels
  • cutting of read
  • upstream storage development

For more information on the study please contact Anders Malmgren Hansen or Anders Refsgaard