New Data Buoy in Aarhus Bugt

  New Data Buoy in Aarhus Bugt

Deployment of Oceanographic Data Buoy in Aarhus Bugt Manufactured by DHI Water & Environment

On Sunday June 9 Aahus County and DHI deployed an oceanographic data buoy south of Sletterhage in Aarhus Bay.

Once a day the buoy provides on-line data to Aarhus County and DHI database via digital mobile phone network.

The buoy is deployed at 23m water depth and measures the following parameters: Temperature, salinity, fluorescence (chlorophyll A), oxygen, and water - all in level in 5 levels. Current speed/direction by a bottom mounted ADCP. All measurement done with a sample rate of 30 minutes.

DHI is the manufacturers of the buoy as well as the related data collection software and purchase by Aahus County. Previously, similar buoys were deployed at Laesoe, Hjelm Bugt (Storstroems County), Femern Belt, Odense Fjord, Great Belt and The Sound.

For details please contact Hugo Meister (, Survey & Monitoring Department.