Invitation to take part in a JIP on Wave in Deck Loads

  Invitation to take part in a JIP on Wave in Deck Loads

DHI Water & Environment (DHI) are pleased to announce the launching of a proposal to initiate a Joint Industry Project on Wave in Deck Loads.

The objectives of the joint industry project are to produce data and tools for reliable and accurate determination of the wave in deck loads, and to assess the influence of wave in deck loading on the structural reliability of offshore platforms.

The project is divided into four main technical activities:

  • large-scale model testing
  • analyses of model test results and implementation in a wave in deck load program (DHIWID)
  • validation and further development of a CFD based numerical simulation tool (DHINS3VOF)
  • push-over and reliability analysis of jacket structures

The joint industry project shall be carried out in connection with a research project sponsored by the Danish Energy Agency and EU DG XII. The research project commenced in 2001 with large-scale model tests performed in the large wave flume at Forschungszentrum Küste, Hanover, Germany.

The joint industry project shall supplement and complement the research project. The JIP will be used for extending the model test programme and the numerical work of the research project and increasing the area where the results of the research project are applied. The joint industry project shall commence in the last quarter of 2002 and be completed early 2004.

The main benefits from the project will be highly improved knowledge about wave-in-deck loads and software tools for calculating accurately these loads. The basic tool available to all Participants will be an engineering software tool based on DHI’s component-based in-house program, DHIWID. The CFD code program, DHINS3VOF, will be a very comprehensive tool aimed at providing additional information e.g. on loading on special structural elements. Participants will have access to the code at DHI, with no rental charges for a period of 5 years after project completion.

For further information please download:

  • Poster (PDF 171 Kb)
  • JIP Proposal (PDF 1.6 Mb)

or contact: