Flooding in Prague

  Flooding in Prague

Due to heavy rain the Rivers Moldau, Elbe and Danube and other large rivers in Central Europe have burst their banks and several towns have been flooded or are in risk of being flooded in the coming hours or days. The problem is further aggravated as most reservoirs have almost exceeded their storage capacity. Consequently it is now required to release water in order to avoid damage or even collapse of the dams.

At this very moment engineers from DHI Water & Environment are in the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, calculating the extent of the flooding of the River Moldau in the city. DHI Water & Environment’s Czech office is in fact advising the Czech government and for this purpose they are using the mathematical model, MIKE 11. For illustration see animation of the 1890 flooding in Prague as prepared by DHI a few years ago.

MIKE 11 is used all over the world in relation to flood forecasting. However, neither DHI nor the government in Prague can do anything to stop the flooding, other than predict when it will be necessary to evacuate the capital’s inhabitants.

Evidently remedial measures have to be taken in the future. In this context the models are again indispensable during design and optimization of controlled flooding of low-lying areas upstream of the larger cities.

For further information on the MIKE forecasting system worldwide please contact Jacob Høst-Madsen (tel +45 45 16 92 73), Head of DHI’s Flood Management Department.