DHI and CDM Join Forces to Deploy Cost Saving Sewer Real-Time Control Technology

  DHI and CDM Join Forces to Deploy Cost Saving Sewer Real-Time Control Technology

…Alliance provides expertise and state-of-the-art tools to clients world wide…

Hørsholm, Denmark - DHI Water & Environment and CDM have agreed to jointly develop new software and new methods for real-time control of sewer systems and to join forces in projects on urban real-time control (RTC) projects world wide.

Both DHI and CDM have been among the pioneers within the implementation of RTC solutions. Through projects in major cities in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia, the two companies have demonstrated that the use of RTC can significantly improve the performance of sewer systems at significantly lower costs than traditional solutions.

DHI and CDM both bring well proven technology into the alliance – in terms of software such as MOUSE, SWMM and SewerCAT. These tools and more are currently being turned into a component-based tool-set which will cover all aspects of sewer RTC from feasibility studies, through planning and design to the actual implementation of online RTC systems.

Sten Lindberg, head of DHI’s Urban Water Utilities department and ‘father’ of MOUSE, is in charge of DHI’s part of this joint initiative. "CDM is respected world wide for their expertise within sewer system rehabilitation and design. CDM’s experience in this area is second to none, and their team includes some of the most talented and visionary software developers in the industry. Without any doubt, this alliance will enable DHI and CDM to provide advanced, yet robust technology and RTC solutions to an industry which is under increased pressure to handle more waste water at lower costs" says Sten Lindberg.

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