Water Forecasting at DHI

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Weather Forecasting is a well-established activity, which has been servicing the public for more than a century. Recent developments in operational oceanography have made it possible to produce similar forecasting for marine systems. DHI has produced a web based prototype for a comprehensive marine water forecasting system, which has been running since June 1 2001. The system describes the 3-dimensional distribution of both physical, chemical and biological parameters. The system is based on DHIs comprehensive experience with storm surge forecasting that dates back to the late 1980-ties when MIKE 21 was installed at the Danish Meteorological Institute for Storm Surge forecasting of the North Sea.

The forecast is available in English at and in Danish at .

In order to access the forecasts you need to log in. For a limited period you can log in as a test subscriber using userid dhi-00143 and password h2oweb (note that test subscriber is the second login field below demo subscriber). You can also get a personal test subscription by writing an email to

For further information please contact Karl Iver Dahl-Madsen (phone +45 45 16 91 35 or email